The one website you need to know when using Allen-Bradley Variable Frequency Drives

A-B Drives WebUpdates Snapshot 1My colleague and I recently had the pleasure of meeting with two of our local Rockwell “Variable Frequency Drive” (VFD) experts. We met so they could show us how to integrate the PowerFlex 750 family of drives into a ControlLogix system.

During this meeting it became apparent if you’re using Allen-Bradley drives there’s one website you need to know, and I’ll share that with you in today’s blog.

The one A-B VFD website you need to know:

On this site you’ll find flash update files, product helps files, GSD and EDS files, DriveTools, AOPs and much more.

Basically, it’s one stop shopping for A-B VFD files.

Why you may need it:

A-B Drives WebUpdates Snapshot 2If you’re going to use Rockwell’s “premier integration” between it’s PowerFlex Drives and ControlLogix, you’re going to need the following updates:

  • Latest Drive Firmware: Especially for the PowerFlex 750 series, you want the latest version of the drive firmware.
  • Latest Drive Communicatoin Card Firmware: If you’re going to update your Drive’s firmware, it makes sense to update your communications module at the same time.
  • Latest RSLogix 5000 Drive Specific Add-on Profile: The AOP is the definition you choose when your add your VFD to the I/O tree. And for everything to work, you’ll want the install the latest version.
  • Latest Drive Database Files: In addition to the updated AOP, you’ll also want the latest “Drives Database” files installed to enable all the features of the AOP.

All these files (and much more) can be found at the one A-B Drives website you need to know:

I hope the above information about Rockwell drives update website was helpful.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave them below using the “post a comment or question” link below.

Until next time, Peace ✌️ 

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