Welcome to a very special edition of The Automation Podcast!

To celebrate our 100th Episode, I reached out to five of our previous guests from Siemens, Rockwell, Mitsubishi, Phoenix Contact and the ISA to interview them on where they see the Industrial Automation industry going in the next five to ten years.

The result of these interviews is the below episode, which after editing comes in at just under two hours!

If you’d like to learn more, including who our guests are and what topics they discuss, scroll down to this episode’s “Show Notes” which your find beneath the podcast.

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The Automation Podcast, Episode 100 Show Notes:

Special thanks to all our guests include John DeTellem of Siemens, Ira Sharp of Phoenix Contact, Jeff Brown of Mitsubishi, Tyler Phillips of Rockwell Automation, and Steve Mustard from the International Society of Automation.

Below are some of the Main Topics we discussed, as well as the time of each guest appearance:

  • John DeTellem of Siemens: Our journey and what the future might hold for Control Systems Architectures, Virtualization, and Edge devices.
    • 0:01:10 to 0:31:04
  • Ira Sharp of Phoenix Contact (Part 1): Thoughts on the future of Open Automation, as well as Equipment as a Service (EaaS)
    • 0:31:51 to 0:50:53
  • Jeff Brown of Mitsubishi Electric: Thoughts on future challenges as well as how recent advancements give Engineers more flexibility, help with Innovation, and improve the Company’s Top Line.
    • 0:53:13 to 1:15:03
  • Tyler Phillips of Rockwell Automation: Thoughts on the future of Digital Twins as well as of Cloud Based solutions.
    • 1:15:42 to 1:26:10
  • Steve Mustard of the ISA: Thoughts on the need for continuing education, certification, as well as the importance of robust cyber security.
    • 1:27:43 to 01:50:17
  • Continuing the Conversation (with Ira Sharp of Phoenix Contact, Part 2): Learn about the Industry 4.0 Club where you can discuss industrial automation topics with your peers

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