Earlier this month Rockwell released version 31 of Studio 5000 Logix Designer.

Below I'll summarize the new features as documented in the release notes, and I hope to cover some of these new features in more depth in the coming weeks:

New Features:

  • Studio 5000 Logix Designer Splash FISecurity toolbar and Lock-all component locking for 5×80 controllers
  • CIP Energy object-backed tags added for 5×80 controllers
  • New IEC-61800-5-2 Drive safety instructions, including Safe Feedback Scaling, Safe Stop 1, Safe Stop 2, Safe Operating Stop, Safely-limited Speed, Safely-limited Position, Safe Direction, and Safe Brake Control with external brake
  • New Kinematics Motion instructions including Motion Coordinated Transform with Orientation, Motion Calculate Transform Position with Orientation, and Motion Coordinated Path Move
  • Increased Kinematics support includes 6 axis linear interpolation, 3-5 axis Delta geometry support, and Tool Center Point (TCP) programming with dynamic tool offsets
  • New License Validation instruction to verify if a non-expired Routine or AOI license is present
  • New FactoryTalk Linx Network Browser adds the ability to add or change the Ethernet driver and configuration within browser
  • New SIL/PL options for Safety Controllers to determine if project is SIL2/PLd or SIL3/PLe (i.e. the absence or presence of a safety partner)
  • Studio 5000 Help now delivered in HTML and opens in the default browser

Enhanced features

  • Newly improved interface increases editing space, updates icons and images, and adds more consistent of workflows.
  • Windows now tabbed, undockable, and support for multiple monitors with zoom and bookmark functionality added to each editor
  • Structured Text editor updated to add outlining, smart indentation, collapsible segments, as well as code snippets and completion prompts
  • Function Block editor updated to default sheet size to 11″ by 17″ (changeable online,) as well as Forcing I/O tags from the context menu and modifying operand values directly
  • Updated Data Type, User-Defined Data Type Tag Editor, and Add-On Instruction Tag Editors
  • Online Bar and Communications menu updated, added selection for default communication network browser
  • 32-byte Safety Signature for Compact GuardLogix 5380, and GuardLogix 5580 Controllers
  • Various additional Motion and 5×80 enhancements

For a complete list of New Features, New Products supported, and Anomalies, see the official product release notes.

Find out more about Logix Designer v31

If you would like to view the FactoryTalk View Site Edition 10.0 release notes, head over to Rockwell's Product Versions webpage and search on and then select FactoryTalk View.

Once all the versions are listed, click on the document icon as shown below:

If you'd like to listen to a discussion of the above, check out Episode 42 of The Automation Podcast below:

So, what do you think of the new features in Studio 5000 Logix Designer v31?

Will you jump in and install v31 right away because of the added features or hardware support?

You can share your thoughts and opinions by clicking on the “post a comment or question” link below.


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Forum Comments:
  1. Installed it on Wednesdays to check the new interface, and while it is a step in the right direction they still have to invest a lot of work into it. For example, the PLC options take to much room at the moment and I didn't foud a way to rearrange the icons (if there is please let me know). It just seems a little bit unfinished to me.
    Changing the sheet size of a FBD is a great change, but I couldn't test it lacking a PLC to test it with. Would have been nice if they would have integrated jumps into ST or changing AOIs online, but I still hope that these things will come one day.
    Hey KaiH,
    Thanks for your feedback - I can't wait to try it myself.
    I do know editing AOIs online is one of the most requested features 🙂
    Shawn Tierney,
    v31 looks good but we are experiencing a major reliability issue with it related to addition of relatively large UDT variables to an AOI (crashes Studio 5000 very often).
    Here's my wish-list of what I feel should have been added decades ago:
    --Duplicate timer detection
    --Duplicate AOI detection
    --Automatic timer, ONS, and AOI numbering (I wouldn't mind an ONS variant that didn't have a visible label)
    --ability to delete structures in use; let the errors be what they may.
    Now, a tricky wish, if you can pull it off, but definitely not something I feel should have been added years ago.
    --Offline online edits. In other words, keep track of the state of the program at the last download, allow offline changes, get online and verify the PLC is still the same as the last download, and then apply changes.

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