I recently ran into an issue while installing some Studio 5000 back revs on one of my VMs.

With version 23 specifically, I received the following error message on installation:

Unaware of any way to work around this issue, I ended the v23 installation, opened the Control Panel, and uninstalled the “Rockwell Automation CM Runtime” application:

After which I restarted the v23 installation, and it completed this time without issue:

Back in the Control Panel, I found v23 installed version 5.11.0 of the CM Runtime:

Concerned that the older CM Runtime might cause issues with newer versions of Studio 5000, I attempted to create a new Studio 5000 project which resulted this the error, “Application requires CodeMeterAct Runtime Modules.”

So I opened the installation files for the latest rev of Studio 5000 which I had available, found the CM Runtime installation file in the “Redist \ CodeMeter_5_21.3882″ folder,” and ran it:

And after installing the latest CM Runtime, I was able to create new Studio 5000 projects again!

To watch a video about the above, check out Episode 36 of The Automation Minute Season 4 below:

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