Rockwell’s Pump Station Controller Pre-packaged Solution

Article Updated November 2017:

Pump Station Controller Pre-packaged Solution Quick StartContinuing this week’s theme of profiling Rockwell’s free application code, today we’ll take a look at their Pump Station Controller Pre-packaged Solution.

Similar to the CCBB and CCAT we previously reviewed, Rockwell’s Pump Station Controller is designed around “component” level devices, specifically the MicroLogix 1400 and PanelView Component.

Similar to CCBB and CCAT, Rockwell’s Pump Station Controller contains the following:

  • “Quick start” manual
  • PLC code for the MicroLogix 1400
  • HMI code for the PanelView Component C600
  • CAD drawings in PDF and DWG formats
  • Pump Station Controller Pre-packaged Solution DWGRockwell Sample Code Terms and Conditions

The Pump Station Controller solution is available completely free from the below link:

Rockwell also released a well done video profiling many of the features of their Pump Station Controller, including:

  • Pump Station Controller Pre-packaged Solution package contentsThe operation and configuration of the pump control from the PanelView Component
  • The application configuration including selecting the number of pumps (up to four)
  • Choosing Pump Up, Down, or Pressure Follower control
  • Choosing measuring devices, analog inputs, and backup devices
  • Setting up pump interlocks, backup pump selection, as well as pressure and level set points
  •  Sequence and level status, PID tuning, and PowerFlex 4 class parameter backup and restore

You can view Rockwell’s Pump Station Controller Pre-packaged Solution video below:

I hope the above information about Rockwell’s Pump Station Controller Pre-packaged Solution is helpful.

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