MicroLogix1000 to Micro800 Guide FiOn June 29th in this article I wrote about Rockwell’s recent announcement that the product life cycle designation for the MicroLogix 1000 and 1500 family had been changed to “end of life.”

I followed up that article with another on July 1st here discussing possible MicroLogix 1000 migration options.

Well last week one of our readers (thanks Pascal!) commented that Rockwell had also released a MicroLogix 1000 to Micro 800 conversion guide available free to the public using the below link:

This new manual appears to include everything you’ll need to know to migrate you application from a MicroLogix 1000 to either a Micro820 or Micro830.

It starts in Chapter 1 by listing all of the dimensions for the MicroLogix 1000, Micro820 and Micro830.

It then provides a handy “feature and specifications” comparison table, part of which can be seen below:
MicroLogix1000 to Micro800 FeaturesChapter 2 covers the selection of a Micro800 to replace a MicroLogix 1000, with helpful tables like the one below for the Micro820:
MicroLogix1000 to Micro820Chapter 3 walks the user through migrating a sample program from RSLogix 500/Micro to CCW (aka Connected Components Workbench) version 8, using the Pick and Place Machine sample program found in the MicroLogix 1000 documentation as the project being converted.

The final chapter, Chapter 4, covers the functional differences between relay ladder instructions in RSLogix 500/Micro and CCW.

If you get a chance to use this document to aid in converting a program I’d like to here what you think!

To share your thoughts just fill-in and submit the “post a comment or question” link below.

Note: This coming Wednesday I plan to cover the release of a free CCW import utility which is suppose to aid in the converting of MicroLogix 1000 programs to a Micro800, so if you have any questions about how that works please also feel free to leave those below as well.

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