More and more Industrial Ethernet products are coming with embedded two port switches, which is a welcome trend and is making the daisy chaining of Distributed I/O a growing trend in control system topologies.

But daisy chaining your I/O drops can only take you so far (pun intended,) and doesn’t work in all applications. When that’s the case, the cost to connect to far off drops of I/O (and other devices) beyond the 100m limit of Copper Ethernet connections quickly raises the cost as it typically requires the implementation of Fiber, including Copper to Fiber converters on either side of the connection.

But with Single Pair Ethernet products now entering the market, a new and much lower cost option is becoming available for both standard and PoE applications, and this topic gets some well deserved coverage in the latest article from Panduit.

For a summary of the article and our reflections, see the below video clip. You can also read the original article via this link:–data-and-power-for-the-future.html

Automation Morning Show News Clip:

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