In part two of this week's episode of The Automation Podcast, Jeff Brown from Mitsubishi provides us with an overview of the iQ-R line of PLCs:

For more information, check out the “Show Notes” located below the video.

Watch the Podcast: Why Mitsubishi @ 1:27, Presentation Start @ 2:14

Listen to Podcast: Why Mitsubishi @ 1:27, Presentation Start @ 2:14

The Automation Podcast, Episode 48 Part 2 Show Notes:

Special thanks to Jeff Brown at Mitsubishi for for taking the time to review the Mitsubishi line of PLCs with us!

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Forum Comments:
  1. Hi, I currently have a Mitsubishi FX2N PLC and it currently communications to a HMI via RS-485 and from the HMI there is an RS-232 connection to a Red Lion unit for data logging. Im looking at removing the Red Lion unit and using that serial to get into the PLC. There is no more room in the Panel for an additional ethernet card or changing the RS-485 as this is needed for the HMI. Does anyone know of a module or software that would work to convert the serial to ethernet on this type of mitsubishi PLC?

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