MicroLogix 1000 Installation and Mounting

MicroLogix 1000 Installation InstructionsAs seen on The Automation Minute earlier this week, the MicroLogix 1000 comes with an extensive installation document. This document is also available on the manufacturer's website HERE.

While these “installation instructions” cover many different topics, in this blog article I'll be focusing on the mounting of the controller.

To allow for installation in the widest temperature range possible, the MicroLogix 1000 programmable controller is vented on the top, bottom, and right side. This venting is for convection cooling of the internal circuits of the controller. In order to allow sufficient air to flow through the vents, you need to allow for two inches of spacing all around the unit.

MicroLogix 1000 VentsMost installations see the MicroLogix 1000 mounted horizontally which allows for a more standard panel layout. Horizontal mounting also allows for the widest operating temperature range (0-55c.) However, if vertical mounting is chosen, the vented side (right) must face upwards, and the max operating temperature is reduced to 40c.

When mounting a MicroLogix 1000 controller, it is very important not to allow any debre to fall inside the unit's vents. Metal filings or wire strands which fall into the MicroLogix can damage or destroy it's internal circuits. To aid in avoiding such occurrences, the MicroLogix 1000 comes wrapped in a protective covering. This covering should not be removed until after the MicroLogix 1000 is installed and all wiring and drilling above the unit is completed.

However, the MicroLogix should also not be powered on until the protective wrapper is removed. If this step is not followed, the controller's circuits could overheat.

MicroLogix 1000 WrapperFinally, while most installations will find the MicroLogix 1000 mounted to a din rail, two mountings holes are also provided for surface mounting. They are most often used to mount the Micro directly to the backpanel of an electrical enclosure. To aid in these surface mounting installations, the product's Installation Instructions includes a fold out “mounting template” to help in spacing mounting holes accurately.

MicroLogix 1000 MountingWell, that's in for today's article reviewing the mounting of a MicroLogix 1000 programmable controller. For more information please see the manufacturer's guide installation instructions HERE. If you've have any comments, questions or corrections, please feel free to fill out the “post a comment or question” for at the bottom of the page. And if you would like to know about our Micro Programmable Controller course, please visit www.TheAutomationSchool.com for more information.


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