Is my Allen-Bradley PLC, HMI, or VFD obsolete?

Is my Allen-Bradley PLC, HMI, or VFD obsolete? This is a common question when clients are planning for the future or looking to upgrade a system.

Fortunately Rockwell provides a dedicated webpage for just these queries, and in today's article we'll walk you through using it:


Step 1: Start by pointing your browser at

Silver Series Step 1


Step 2: On the left hand side of the page, under “Quick Links,” click on “Migration Solutions.”

Silver Series Step 2


Step 3: On the left hand side under “Migraton Solutions,” click on “Product Lifecycle Status.”

Silver Series Step 3

Step 4: You should now be at the “Product Lifecycle Status” homepage, which can also be reached directly at Here you'll find a description of Rockwell's Silver Series program as shown below:

Silver Series Step 4a


Step 5: The bottom of this page is where we initiate our product status queries. We do so by entering the entire or partial catalog number in the “Catalog Number” field, and then clicking on the “Search” button.

Silver Series Step 4b


Step 6: First, lets look up a series of products by entering the first four digits of a catalog number in the “Catalog Number” field, and then clicking the “Search” button:Silver Series Step 5


Step 7: Below we can see the list returned when search on the catalog number “1747.” At this point you can click the “View Details” link to see if the product is either “Active” (still being sold,) “Silver” (end of availability announced along with projected last buy date,) or “Discontinued” (no longer manufactured.)

Silver Series Step 6


Step 8: You can also enter the exact catalog number into the search field. From the above screen click on “New Search,” enter in “1747-L40A,” then click the “Search” button:

Silver Series Step 7


Step 9: As you can see below, this product is so old it's not even in the system:

Silver Series Step 8


Step 10: Let's run another search, but this time on a product that is in the system. Click on the “New Search” button and then type in “1746-HSRV” and click the “Search” button:

Silver Series Step 9


Step 11: When the “Search Results” returns the listing for the 1746-HSRV, click on the “View Details” link:

Silver Series Step 10


Step 12: Now we see the results screen which shows the HSRV's last date of manufacture was in the past, 03/31/2012, therefore the product is listed as “Discontinued.”

Silver Series Step 11


Step 13: Running another search, this time on the 1747-KE, we find that it's last time buy date is 12/01/2013. Since this date is a couple months in the future it's listed as being in the “Silver” category.

Silver Series Step 12


Step 14: For our final search, we'll look up a 1747-L511 and find this product is listed as “Active.” This translates into the 1747-L511 currently being manufactured and sold with no announced end of availability date announced.

Silver Series Step 13


I hope the above article on how to lookup the obsolescence of a Rockwell Allen-Bradley product was helpful. If you have anything questions or comments please feel free to leave them by filling out the “leave a reply” form at the bottom of this page.


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