How to get Rockwell's MicroLogix to Micro800 conversion tool

In today’s article we’ll take you step-by-step through how to get Rockwell’s MicroLogix to Micro800 conversion tool.

Step 1) Navigate your web browser to


Step 2) On the left under quick links select “Product Compatibility and Download Center”


Step 3) Now select “Find Downloads”

How to Download PlantPAx Process Objects 2

Step 4) In the product search field type “CCW”


Step 5) Now select “Connected Components Workbench,” and then select version “8.00.00”

MicroLogix to Micro800 Download 4

Step 6) Then on the bottom right select “Downloads”


Step 7) Next, select the picture of a red arrow and gray box:


Step 8) In the popup window, scroll down until you see, “MicroLogix to Micro800 Conversion Tool”


Step 9) Now on the bottom left of the next page select “Accept”


Step 10) Finally, select either “Managed Download,” or “Direct Download” to download the installation file:


Once you’ve downloaded the installation file you’ll find it’s called, “SetupCCWMicroLogixConv.exe”


Step 11) To install it, just double click on the file to launch the install wizard:


Step 12) Accept the license agreement and click “Install”


Step 13) The installation should take mere moments, after which you select “Finish”


Step 14) Now that the conversion tool is installed, you should find inside CCW under the “Tools” menu:


I hope the above article detailing how to get the MicroLogix to Micro800 Conversion Tool was helpful.

Check back in the coming days for a step-by-step article on using this tool.


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