If like me you couldn’t get away to attend this year’s Automation Fair, don’t fret!

Thanks to the good folks over at Rockwell Automation, you can once again freely download (most) Automation Fair 2019 session presentations and hands-on labs!

TLDR: Just click here for presentation and lab downloads (and for images of the show, checkout Rockwell’s press page here.)

Step 1) Navigate your browser to http://automationfair.com, which will redirect you to the Automation Fair homepage shown below:

Step 2) Next, scroll down and click on the link in the “Session Presentations” section:

Step 3) On the next page select “Automation Fair 2019” from the list:

Step 4) Here you’ll need to sign in with your Automation Fair login… but if like me you don’t have one, you can use this direct link provided by the great folks in the marketing department at Rockwell.

Step 5) Now you should see a listing of all the publicly available presentations and labs:

Until next time, Peace ✌️ 

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