How to change the RSLogix online animation

In today’s article we’ll take a walk on the lighter side and discuss the merely cosmetic ability to change the online animation in RSLogix 5 and 500.

What is the online animation in RSLogix? If you’ve ever gone online with a SLC-500, MicroLogix, or PLC-5 using RSLogix then you should be familiar with the rotating “ladder” animation near the top of the screen (underneath the Tools menu option:)

RSLogix 500 online with a MicroLogix 1400

This small animation of a “ladder” rotates based on the speed of your connection. Connect to your PLC using serial cable and the ladder will turn painfully slow, similar to how programming online using a serial connection feels.

But, connect to a PLC using Ethernet and the ladder spins “out of control” fast, representing how navigating and editing online over Ethernet is quick and responsive.

So how do you change this animation? Well, if you were to right click on it you would see the following menu of options:

RSLogix online animation - right click

But doing so doesn’t let you change the animation. To get access to that menu you must first hold down the control key (CTRL) and then right click:

RSLogix online animation - hold ctrl and right click

When this is done you get a new option in the right click menu: Animations. And under the animation menu you’ll see these five options:

RSI Logo

RSI Online Animation


Gears Online Animation


Ladder Online Animation


Pumkin Online Animation


Globe Online Animation

Just select the one you would like to try and it will now be your current RSLogix online animation 🙂

I hope this article about changing the online animation in RSLogix, while having no practical purpose, was a least entertaining.

I would love to heard from anyone who hadn’t known about this little feature until now, as well what everyone’s favorite animation is.

To let me and the rest of our readers know just click on the “post a comment or question” link below.

Until next time, Peace ✌️ 

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