In yesterday's article we discussed how you can get a free, twenty-one day trail license of TIA Portal directly from Siemens' Website.

Today we'll take a look at a special “2020” promotion Siemens is running to help those working from home obtain a full copy of TIA Portal for just $35!

To be clear, this is a limited time promotion with a focus on helping those users working remotely, and the license for the software will expire in December 2020.

Still, $35 to gain access to TIA Portal for six months is a great deal, and something I wanted to share with you all right away.

UPDATE: This promotion ends July 31st, 2020, so don't wait too long!

Now the first thing you'll want to know about this package is the catalog number which I'll list below:

  • 6ES78221AE060YS0

Officially, it's described as “TIA Portal Promotion Package 2020,” and it's a “download only” version of the software which includes STEP 7 Professional V16, STEP 7 Safety Advanced V16, and WinCC Advanced V16.

To see the product in the Siemens industry mall, use the following link:

While you can add it to your cart there, you'll also notice there's no “checkout” option.

This is because Siemens sells through its authorize distributors, which we detail how to find in our previous article here.

If you're new to Siemens and pickup a copy of TIA Portal to explore what they have to offer, I'd suggest checking out our previous coverage here, especially the below articles and videos created to help new users:


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  1. I understand the license expires December 2020, but I can’t find if its possible to upgrade the license before that date to a “normal license” of TIA Portal?
    That would be far cheaper then buying the full license outright, no?

    • Good morning Sander,

      My understanding is, once the license expires you’d have to purchase a regular license. If you’re using for training purposes there might be a discounted version you can get access to, but you’d have to contact your local Siemens rep.


      Shawn Tierney,
      Instructor at


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