Free Allen-Bradley (A-B) And Rockwell Automation (RA) Software (Part 2)

UPDATE 10/31/2017: Try as I might, I can no longer find the software packages listed in this article anywhere online (the associated sites have been completely redesigned.)

UPDATE 08/22/22: While I don’t have permission to post the below  software publicly, I have made the old SLC-100/150 software download available to supporters here, and the old DataLiner, InView, DTAM, and MicroView software downloads available to supporters here.

Where to get free software for Allen-Bradley (A-B) and Rockwell Automation (RA) products, part two:

In yesterday’s article we discussed getting free software for Allen-Bradley and Rockwell Automation from the RA Downloads page, the MicroLogix downloads page, the Drives Explorer page, and from the Knowledgebase.

Today we’ll look at less obvious webpages including the Rockwell Software downloads page.

Click here for part one of this article

Free Software Downloads From Rockwell Software Download Search PageFree Software Available From The Rockwell Software Downloads Page:

While the Rockwell Software Downloads Page use to have a prominent link from the main website, today it’s not as easy to find.

But it’s still worth checking out as many free Allen-Bradley and Rockwell Software packages are available for download there.

Below I’ll list those I find the most useful:

Free Software Downloads From Rockwell Software Download Listing1) DL5 Software – Free software download for Allen-Bradley Dataliner DL5 software.

2) DL30 Software – Free software download for Allen-Bradley DataLiner DL30 software. Alternate link for DL30

3) DL40 – Free software download for Allen-Bradley Dataliner DL40 software.

4) InView 2.6 – Free software download for Allen-Bradley InView software. Alternate Link 1 for InView 2.4, Alternate Link 2 for InView 2.4

5) DTAM Plus – Free software download for Allen-Bradley DTAM Plus software.

6) Drive Tools – Free software download for Allen-Bradley Drive Tools software.

7) Ultraware – Free software download for Allen-Bradley Ultraware software.

8) RSNetworx for DeviceNet and ControlNet – The free (un-activated) version of RSNetworx is a limited node variation of the full package. For RSNetwrox for Devicenet, your network can only contain node0 to 6, making it only useful with small systems. Alternate Link for RSNetworx for Devicenet 4.21

9) RSView32 Extensions and Resource KitFree software download for RSView32 including several versions of RecipePro, Messenger, SPC, TrendX, and the RSView32 Resource Kit.

Free DTAM Software Available From Spectrum Controls

DTAM Plus and DTAM Micro product page at Spectrum ControlsA few years ago Spectrum Controls took over the DTAM products from Rockwell Automation, and they now provide the DTAM programming software free on their website.

10) DPS – DTAM Programming Software – Programming Software for the DTAM Plus and Micro (2707-NP) available from the Spectrum Controls for free after you provide your contact information here.

That completes the list of free Allen-Bradley, Rockwell Software, and Rockwell Automation software we’re highlighting in this two part article.

If you know of other free software from Rockwell and would like to share the link with our readers please feel free to click on the “post a comment or question” link below.

Until next time, Peace ✌️ 

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