Duplicating Rungs in RSLogix and Studio 5000

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In today’s article I cover how to quickly and easily export and import multiple rungs while at the same time replacing tag addresses using RSLogix or Studio 5000.

Step 1) Start by selecting the range of rungs you would like to duplicate. Do this by selecting the first rung, holding down the shift key on your keyboard, and then selecting the last rung:


Step 2) Then right click on the Rungs and select “Export Rungs” from the menu:


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Step 3) Next save the exported Rungs to your computer:


Step 4) Now right click on where you would like to import the new rungs and select “Import Rungs”:


Step 5) Browse for and select the file you exported above, and then click on “Import”:


Step 6) Here in the “Import Configuration” window select “Tags,” and then make any changes you need to the tag names and aliases. When done click on “OK”:


Step 7) After a brief moment, your new rungs should be imported with any new tags and aliases you entered:


Watch me demonstrate the above procedure live in Episode 3 of The Automation Minute Season 3:

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