In today’s article I cover how to quickly and easily export and import routines while at the same time replacing tag addresses using RSLogix or Studio 5000.

Step 1) Open your project in RSLogix or Studio 5000, then right click on the routine you wish to duplicate and select “Export Routine”:


Step 2) Now save the export of your routine to your computer:


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Step 3) Next, right click on the program you wish to import your routine to and select “Import Routine”:


Step 4) If you’re using Studio 5000 you’ll find “Import Routine” under the “Add” menu:


Step 5) Now select the routine you exported above and click on “Import”:


Step 6) Then in the “Import Configuration” window enter a name for the routine you are importing:


Step 7) Then click on “Tags” and make any tag name or alias edits you require. When finished click on “OK”:


Step 8) After a few moments you’ll find your newly imported routine listed in the Controller Organizer:


Watch me demonstrate the above procedure live in Episode 4 of The Automation Minute Season 3:

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