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ControlLogix L5555 Processor

L5555I'm always on the lookout for a good deal, and it's hard to pass up this price, especially from a dependable seller who I've used in the past.

But on the bright side, it leaves one more of these ControlLogix processors for you to snatch up!

  • ControlLogix 1756-L55/A and 1756-M13/A for $103

  • Controller CPU Processor Unit with Memory Expansion 1.5MB

  • Free Shipping, Returns: 30 days money back, buyer pays return shipping

  • Seller with 99.9 positive, and who I've happily used in the past

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  1. Don’t forget that a L5x processor can only be flashed up to version 16. This limits what servos you can use. Also many of the new PowerFlex add on profiles require 17 or newer.

    • Good afternoon Mike,
      Yes, very true!
      But, to use as something to learn on, or for a home project, 1.5mb and v16 is pretty good.
      And v16 had a lot of new stuff that many people still don’t use today!
      Thanks again for your comment, and have a great weekend!
      Shawn Tierney