In this article we will convert SLC-500 programs to ControlLogix using the RSLogix Project Migrator version 3.0.

Note: To get RSLogix Project Migrator version 3.0, search the below website for “RSLogix Project Migrator (it also comes with RSLogix/Studio 5000 v19 and up)”

UPDATE – November 2021 by SMT: Rockwell no longer makers the Translation Tool or Project Migrator available as a download, so if you don’t have either in your RSLogix/Studio 5000 installation files or discs, you can try the “new” feature in RSLogix500 v12 and RSLogix5 v10 which allows you to save your program as a Logix file by using the “save as type” menu option, and choosing “Logix Designer Files (*.ACD)” For more information see the free tech note below:

Step 1) When you install Studio 5000 the RSLogix Project Migrator is also installed, and the first step it to launch it:

Step 2) Here we can select either a PLC-5 or SLC-500/MicroLogix project. In today’s example we’ll choose the SLC-500 option:

Step 3) According to the above instructions, we first need to open our SLC-500 program in RSLogix 500 and save it as an .SLC library file:

Step 4) After we select save, we can click on OK to select the default export mode:

Step 5) Back in the Project Migrator, we can see the next step is to export our comments and symbols:

Step 6) This is done in RSLogix 500 by selecting Tools, then Database, then ASCII Export:

Step 7) Then we select the CSV tab, and click on OK:

Step 8) To complete the process, we select where the export gets saved to:

Step 9) After the export is complete, we can click on OK to close the Export Results window:

Step 10) Back in the Project Migrator, we now need to select our exported .SLC file:

Step 11) Once done, we can click on Next:

Step 12) On this step I prefer to leave the checkbox checked to have Symbols imported as Alias tags:

Step 13) Once step three is done click on Next:

Step 14) Here on this step you select your Logix Controller, and Controller version:

NOTE: The new version of the utility that comes with Studio 5000 only supports versions 21 and up. To convert a SLC-500 program to RSLogix v20 or less, you can change the version on import as seen in Step 18, or use the older version of the utility which comes with RSLogix 5000 and can be seen in our blog article HERE.

Step 15) Here you can choose to either keep the existing I/O as a new remote rack, or replace the I/O with new local or remote I/O:

Step 16) When the migration is compete, click on launch Studio / RSLogix 5000:

Step 17) I also suggest clicking on “Help,” and reading the section about “Post Translation User Responsibilities”:

Step 18) Once Logix loads it will ask you where to save the imported file.

NOTE: It also allows you to change the version by using the drop down box at the bottom of the Save Dialog:

Step 18) Once Logix opens, and you select where to save your imported file, you’ll be able to view your newly imported code and make any corrections that are needed:

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