The KTP700 Basic HMI includes a feature that also allows it to connect to PLC systems other than Siemens PLC’s. This could be of helpful to those looking for a single HMI model that connects to different control systems.

With that in mind, I did some research to see if I could setup my Siemens Basic Panel to connect to an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix over Ethernet, and in this article I'll share how I made it work.

Adding EtherNet/IP Connection to Existing Program

My first attempt was to open my existing application for my S7-1200, and under connections add Ethernet/IP to connect to a ControlLogix PLC.

But when I selected the “Allen-Bradley EtherNet I/P” Driver, I received this error: “This Combination of protocols is not permitted”.

I would assume this means that my Basic HMI will not connect to my S7 1200 via PROFINET and a ControlLogix via Ethernet/IP at the same time, so I'll need to create a new HMI project to connect to only the ControlLogix PLC.

Next, I created a new Basic HMI Device called “HMI_Logix”

Connections setup:

  • Name:

I used my ControlLogix Processor Name “PC_LAB”

  • Communication Driver:

I selected “Allen-Bradley Ethernet/IP”

At the bottom right of the screenshot, you also see a “PLC” Configuration Area

  • I selected “ControlLogix, CompactLogix”

  • I added the “IP Address” of the Ethernet Module in my ControlLogix Chassis

  • I added the “Communication Path” from my Ethernet Module in the ControlLogix Chassis to the Processor which is 1,0 (1 = Backplane, 0 = Slot 0)

The ControlLogix Processor in question is a 5562 model running v19.11:

In the ControlLogix L62 I created an FBD routine with an Enhanced PID called “PIDE_01” which I'll use for my Basic Panel HMI Project:

Adding HMI Tags in the TIA Portal Project

  • HMI tags:

Here I selected “Add new tag table” and named it “PC_LAB” after my Logix Processor

Then I created three tags used in the enhanced PID Logic for PV, SP and CV.

Next I created an HMI Screen called “Logix_Data”.

I'm showing the three values as well as a Trend graphical object from the library with the three HMI tags trended in the display.

The trend was very easy to set up, I basically went into the “properties” window, changed a couple of background colors, added the trend tags and changed the pens for each trend tag to match the colors that I used on the bar indicators and numeric values on the display.

I then compiled and loaded my “HMI_Logix” program into the KTP700.

And once it was up and running I was able to make a setpoint change and watch the trend as the Enhanced PID reacted:


It was very easy setup to make the KTP700 communicate with a ControlLogix Processor.

It could be a drawback for someone that needs the HMI to communicate with a ControlLogix PLC and a Siemens PLC at the same time, but if you are only communicating with one or the other, then it is certainly a viable option as engineering time is very low with this HMI.

TIA Portal makes configuration as straight forward as it should be and I am really enjoying working with it

Written by Brandon Cooper
Senior Controls Engineer and Freelance Writer

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Brandon Cooper



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