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This morning we’re covering news from PLCopen, Unitronics, Software ToolBox, Universal Robots, Fisher, ISA, as well as upcoming events, new videos, and a Tech Tip on Rockwell’s CCW (and more) in this edition of Automation This Morning for Friday, January 27, 2023.

First up in our new product category are some new DC to DC converters and End of Arm Tooling from Automation Direct. Learn all the details about these two products lines here.

Next up is the latest TOP Server for Aveva from Software Toolbox, with many new enhancements including better communications with the S7-1200 and 1500 CPUs. Learn all of the details about v6.13 of TOP Server for Aveva here.

First up in our new articles category, Universal Robots just released an article about the “next era of collaborative robots” which you can read here.

ISA also has a few new articles today, including the first one we’ll highlight which convers “Integrating Robots into Automation Networks.” This article, which also includes information on TSN (Time Sensitive Networking,) can be found here.

Next up from ISA is a new article about “high speed temperature measuring” here, and another about “the importance of OT cybersecurity” here. Readers may find this second article helpful when trying to breach the subject with upper management.

For additional reading on Cybersecurity, check out AMT’s newest article in their series on Cybersecurity here about “building advanced cybersecurity plans.”

For those with an interest in electronics, today we also have a new article here from Digi-Key which covers how to apply GaN Field Effect Transistors.

As far as new product literature, today we found a single new publication, a new manual from Emerson on their Fisher HPNS control valve which can be viewed here.

On to today’s product spotlight, we’re showcasing our S7 PLC Level 1 course which is currently 50% off, but that sale will be ending very soon. To find out details about the course, and purchase lifetime enrollment, click here.

In today’s Audio/Video File segment, we’re highlighting a webinar on-demand from Unitronics. This webinar was held earlier in the week and does a great job of introducing viewers to the Unitronics line of PLC and HMIs. Those interested can sign-up for instant access to the video reply here (starts at 7:20 mark.)

In today’s Automation Tech Tip (ATT03) we covered the latest procedure to get a free copy of Rockwell’s Connected Components Workbench, which you can also learn to do in this article. In our next episode (ATT004) we’ll be covering how to create a simple program and then simulated it in this free software.

As far as upcoming events, today we’re highlighting a new webinar being held later today by Universal Robots entitled, “10 POINT CHECKLIST TO BENCHMARK YOUR COBOT SUPPLIER,” and which you can sign up for here.

And finally, our last story today is about a request for feedback from PLCopen . They are looking for your input on “PLC Industrial Controller Software Quality.” Learn the details about their request, and how you can provide feedback, in this article here.And that wraps up today’s edition of Automation This Morning! If you’d like to watch or listen to the companion edition of the Automation Morning Show, you can do so  using one of the links at the bottom of this post (the audio and video editions are typically released an hour after this article is published.)

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