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This morning we’re covering new products, gateways, regulators, fieldbuses, bacon and more in this edition of Automation This Morning for Thursday, January 26, 2023.

First up is a new product from Banner Engineering. The product was designed to provide in-line protection for critical devices with M12 connections. To find out more, check out the Banner product announcement here.

Next we have a new Gateway product from Automation-Networks. The new ANC-800E is an EtherCat to Modbus RTU gateway converter and lists for just $575 USD. To learn more, click here.

As far as new articles, today we start with one from Festo about how their VPPM precise proportional pressure regulator is helping OEMs and Manufacturers solve demanding applications. Learn all the details in Festo’s new article here.

We also have a new article from the folks over at Digi-Key, which despite its name I found to be an excellent primer on IO-Link. If you’ve been looking for an IO-Link refresher, or work with someone who needs to come up to speed on IO-Link, check out Digi’s new article here, and our previous podcast on the subject here and here.

Over on the ISA’s website we found two more new articles. The first article here covers promising new technology coming to Image Sensors. And the second covers how automation is helping one company revolutionized bacon production, and you can read about that here.

In this morning’s Pub Crawl we came across three new publications that caught our interest. The first is a new Miniature Circuit Breaker, Electronic Protection, and Fuse Holders selection guide here.

Next is an updated version of Siemens’ WinCC Ethernet/IP Connection function manual here.

And the last is a new brochure from the folks over at Schneider Election discussing their flexible DCS migration solutions here.

In our product spotlight today we’re showcasing our 2013-2020 Video Collection, available on USB 3.0 or Digitally. Consisting of all our Show and Minute episodes from 2013 to 2020, this first collection spans over 29 hours and 280 videos. You’ll find a complete list of videos and purchase either edition here.

As far as upcoming events, today we’re highlighting a new webinar from GracePort scheduled for next Tuesday, January 31st Central Time. To learn more, check out their Wednesday Blog here.

Our Audio/Video File for today is from the latest Opto22 Blog which is the latest episode of “IntegrateLive” that covers a multi-vendor MQTT Sparkplug build and can be watched here.

And in today’s Automation Tech Tip (ATT02) we covered how to use the free RSLogix and Emulator that we detailed how to find and download in yesterday’s tip. For more about using the MicroLogix, check out our 160+ articles and videos here.

And that wraps up today’s edition of Automation This Morning!

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