Daily Industrial Automation Rundown:

This Friday morning we have new articles, documents, and some Q&A on ControlLogix.

First up is and article from our friends at the ISA about Next-gen Warehouse Operations Start with Next-gen Wireless. The article discuses some of the common issues Warehouse’s run into in the post-covid world, as well as some of the challenges of using wireless in warehouses. To see the entire article, click here.

New we have anew book announcement on Automation.com. The book, New-Technology Flow Meters is by Jesse Yoder and published by CRC. Volume 1 is available now, and you can learn more about this book here.

Turck also released it’s “In Stock Product Guide” which lists all its Sensors, Connectivity Products, and Fieldbus products which customers can expect to be in stock at any given time. To grab a copy of this PDF, click here.

Next we have updated literature from Siemens detailing its ET 200SP Siwarex Weighing Module, which you can grab a copy of here.

Rockwell also released a new publication, this one its latest edition of the Studio 5000 Architect, which you can download here.

With the news and new product lit covered, I wanted to highlight a recent question that came in from one of our supporters at Automation.Locals.com. The question regarded replacing a 1756-L5x with a 1756-L6x due to the desire to add a 1756-EN2T to the system, and the complete conversation can be seen here (and is summarized in today’s edition of the morning show below.)

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