Now that session registration for Automation Fair 2016 is open, I wanted to share my session picks as well as sessions I’d recommend to those new to Rockwell products.


My Picks for “New to Rockwell” attendees:

Below are the hands-on courses I’d recommend to those attendees new to Rockwell Automation products:

RSTechED SessionL15 – Tools that Simplify Product Sizing and Selection

Rockwell has some great tools to help you quickly pick out or layout a system, and this sessions covers them including Integrated Architecture® Builder (IAB), Motion Analyzer
(MA) and ProposalWorks™ (PW)

L18 – PowerFlex Drives Configuration and Programming

Described as a “self-paced lab,” attendees are expected to learn how to program and configure small PowerFlex VFDs using Connected Components Workbench software.

L07 – Micro800 PLC Programming with Connected Components Workbench™ Software

Described as a “self-paced lab,” attendees are expected to learn how to program and configure a Micro800 along with a PowerFlex VFD and PanelView 800 using Connected Components Workbench software.

L16 – Studio 5000 and Logix Basics Lab

Promoted as a session for those new to Studio 5000 (or those who need a quick refresher) this session is described as providing an overview of Studio 5000 Logix Designer’s “core” capabilities.

L17 – Studio 5000 and Logix Advanced Lab

This “pick and choose” session provides an opportunity to explore several different features of Studio 5000 at your own pace.

RSTechED 2014 24 Hands On 2L04 – FactoryTalk View Machine Edition and PanelView™ Plus: Introductory Lab

If you’re new to View Studio Machine Edition and the PanelView Plus, this “introductory hands-on lab” is said to focus on basic concepts for new users.

L12 – FactoryTalk View Site Edition and FactoryTalk ViewPoint: Introductory Lab

If you’re new to View Studio Site Edition and/or ViewPoint, this “introductory hands-on lab” is said to focus on basic concepts for new users.

L14 – Introduction to PlantPAx Process Control System for Operations and System Engineering

Know what PlantPAx is, but want some hands on with the Rockwell Automation Library of Process Objects? Well this lesson is described as “providing basic familiarity” with them from a operations and system engineering perspective.

My Picks for “Experienced Users”

Below I’ll list the sessions I’m most looking forward to attending, as well as what I hope is covered in each session.

RSTechED 2014 16 Studio 5000 SessionT29 – What’s New in Logix 

I’m hoping this session will detail the 5580 ControlLogix controller, 5380 CompactLogix controller, as well as the new 5069 I/O.

T30 – What’s New in Visualization

Hoping this session covers what’s coming in the next release of View Studio and Studio 5000 View Designer, as well as new hardware that will be released.

T67 – What’s New in Studio 5000

In this lesson I would like to hear a recap of the latest features added in the last few releases, as well as hear what is planned for the next release or two.

T33 – What’s New with PlantPAx Process Control System 

Hoping this lesson is less of a sales pitch and more about the substance of what is new with PlantPAx, including what’s new with Process Objects.

T72 – New Studio 5000 Features Simplify Integration of OEM Skid Equipment to Modern DCS (PlantPAx) 

This session is described as “summarizing the latest release of Studio 5000 and Process Objects” which speed and simplify development, and I hope they cover technical details and not just fluffy concepts.

The PanelView 5000 as shown at RSTechED 2012L06 – Studio 5000 View Designer Featured on The PanelView™ 5000 Graphic Terminals 

It’s been a few years since I got hands on with the PanelView 5500, and with one in-house (on load) I’d love to spend some time using and writing about it.

That said, I’m hoping this session will be a good refresher for me, and also confirm I can use my 5370 with the PV5500 since a 5380 just isn’t in my budget.

Well that’s it for my Automation Fair 2016 picks.

If you have your own list of favorites I’d love to hear what they are! Just use the “Leave a comment” button at the bottom of this page.

Until next time, Peace ✌️ 

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