MicroLogix 1100 Expansion I/O

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MicroLogix-1100-Expansion-IO-PortThe MicroLogix 1100’s base I/O can be expanded using 1762 I/O modules. In this article we’ll describe the details of how this is accomplished.

On the right side of the front of a MicroLogix 1100 you’ll find a removable plastic cover covering the battery compartment as well as the 1762 I/O expansion port. The first step in adding 1762 I/O to a MicroLogix 1100 is powering down the unit, and removing this cover as shown in the picture to the right.

1762-Expansion-IONext, lets take a look at the 1762 expansion I/O. Examining one of these modules, you’ll find it has a ribbon cable with connector on the left side. And on the front of the module you’ll find a small cover over an additional expansion I/O port (cover removed in this picture)

MicroLogix-1100-Expansion-IO-InstalledTo install your 1762 expansion module to your MicroLogix 1100, simply plug the ribbon cable connector from the expansion module into the MicroLogix 1100’s expansion I/O port, and replace the cover. Then connect your second 1762 expansion I/O module to the first in the same way, repeating until all your modules have been connected.

To simplify the selection of expansion modules, Rockwell designed the MicroLogix 1100 to accept up to any four 1762 I/O modules. This is different from the MicroLogix 1200 which supports 3 and 6 modules based on their current draw.

MicroLogix-1100-Expansion-IO-Installed-2Well, that’s it for today’s article about MicroLogix 1100 expansion I/O. For more information on the installation of MicroLogix 1100 expansion I/O, see the manufacturer’s installation instructions HERE.

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