We’ve launched our very own Kickstarter!

Micro Programmable Controller BasicsI’m very pleased to announce that Insights in Automation has launched it’s very own Kickstarter campaign to produce an affordable Automation Training DVD!

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The initial goal of the project is to raise the funding needed to produce the first DVD in a series of affordable automation training videos. “Introduction to Micro Programmable Controllers” will be step-by-step training video that teaches the viewer all the basics of using the MicroLogix 1000 micro programmable controller. And the goal is to offer this DVD for the very affordable price of $29 US.

The video content is planned to start with defining what a “programmable controller” is, as well as cover a short history of the PLC. Then the viewer will be introduced to the Micro PLC hardware, including mounting and wiring guidelines.

The viewer will next be shown how to legally obtain a free copy of the programming software, as well as the communications software and offline emulation, directly from the manufacturer’s public website. Plus the video will show the user how to install and setup all three packages.

However, the bulk of the video course will focus on how the configure and program a micro programmable controller. It will introduce the viewer to such basic concepts as data types, memory segmentation, and ladder logic. And for the course’s final project, it’s planned to take the viewer through creating an entire programmable controller program from scratch.

How did we choose the PLC being covered in this video?

Micro Programmable Controller Basics DVD #1With so many different PLC’s to choose from, we imagine this question will come up quit often. So, below we’ll share the two primary reasons the Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1000 was chosen for the first DVD in the series.

To begin with, this model PLC programs nearly identically to the PLC-5 and SLC-500, the two PLC’s with the largest installed base in North America. And, while the CompactLogix and ControlLogix processors are the most popular products today, having been on the market for half the time of their predecessors they still haven’t eclipsed them in installed base.

Second, programming a Micro PLC is just simpler, and the hardware and software is extremely affordable. If you’ve ever programmed a MicroLogix 1000, then you know it’s fairly simple compared to say a CompactLogix. In addition, the cost barrier for someone who wants to learn on his or her own is very low as the software is free and a complete hardware setup can be purchased for well under $300.

What do we need to move forward with this project?

MicroLogix 1000 on benchWhat we need now are interested parties to back our project!

For those who know someone who could use this training, a $35 pledge would get you an autographed copy of the DVD (as well as other bonuses.)

For those who want to support the project, but don’t necessarily need a copy of the DVD, a $20 pledge will net you a limited edition USB memory stick!

For those on a tight budget, or who may just want to offer moral support, $1 and $5 dollar pledges are available.

And for those who would like early “insider” access (as well as additional perks,) “producer” pledge levels are available starting at $97.

There are even pledge levels for multi-DVD discounts too, for those who may have a whole crew of employee’s who could use this training.

How do I find out more? How do I pledge?

To find out more about our Kickstarter project to produce an affordable series of automation training DVD’s, and to pledge towards the project, you can use the below link that leads directly to our Kickstarter campaign at Kickstarter.com:

Basics of Automation: Step by Step Automation Training DVD

Thanks in advance for considering a pledge!

If you have any questions about our Kickstarter campaign, please don’t hesitate to click on the “post a comment or question” link below to ask it!

Until next time, Peace ✌️ 

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