The MicroLogix 1400's LCD display allows access to many of its features and functions.

In today's article we show you how to use it to change this Micro's Run mode:

Changing the MicroLogix 1400's mode

1) When the MicroLogix 1400 is powered on, it powers up displaying I/O Status seen below:


In the above picture you can see this Micro is in the “Program” mode as the RUN LED to the left of the LCD is off, and on the top right of the LCD Display you can see the word “PROG”

2) To change this Micro's “Mode,” we first need to access the LCD menu. To do this, press the ESC button and the menu below will be displayed:


[adning id="214167"]

3) Now press the Down Arrow button twice to select “Mode Switch,” and press the OK button:

4) Here, select the “Mode” you would like to change MicroLogix 1400 to. We will choose “Run” in this example.


5) Now that you have selected the RUN mode, you must press the OK button for it to change to this mode.


6) Above you see the RUN LED indicator to the left of the LCD is now on. And the text in the top right of the LCD has changed to “RUN.” This indicates we have successfully change our MicroLogix 1400's mode from “Program” to “Run” using its LCD display.

7) To return to the “I/O Status display,” press the ESC button until you see the main menu, and then select “I/O Status” and press the OK button:


I hope the above procedure on how to use the MicroLogix 1400's LCD display to change it's mode was helpful.

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