The PanelView 5500, as seen at TechED 2015


TechED 2015 PV5500_1This year some very lucky attendees of Rockwell's TechEd had the opportunity to test drive Rockwell's next generation of HMI's, the PanelView 5500.

It's been literally years since the last hand-on sessions were offered for the PanelView 5000, and with limited seating available only those who signed-up very early had the opportunity to register for the session.

Before attendees jumped into the hands-on they were shown a brief slide show, and in today's article we'll summarize that presentation's key points:

The PanelView 5500 Hardware

Releasing in the second half of this year, the PanelView 5500 is an all medal premium HMI desgined initially for use with ControlLogix and CompactLogix processors.

Rockwell plans on releasing the PV5500 in the six different sizes listed below:

  • 7″ Screen, 640×480 Resolution
  • 9″W Screen, 800×480 Resolution
  • 10″ Screen, 800×600 Resolution
  • 12″W Screen, 1280×800 Resolution
  • 15″ Screen, 1024×768 Resolution
  • 19″ Screen, 1280×1024 Resolution

Two of the above models have “wide-screen” aspect ratios, and the 19″ model will be the largest PanelView Rockwell has ever offered.

All of the models are said to have smaller bezel and depth dimensions compared to Rockwell's other HMI's, and they all also include an integrated two port DLR enabled switch.

The PanelView 5500 Configuration Software

TechED 2015 PV5500_3Releasing alongside version 27 of Studio 5000, the PanelView 5500 will program exclusively with the View Designer software included in v27.

New customers, as well as existing customers in support, will receive the View Designer configuration software automatically with v27, with only “Service Edition” owners required to purchase an upgrade to access to it.

Some of the top View Designer features Rockwell touted include:

  • – Support for Logix base alarms
  • – Support for extended properties of tags.
  • – Binding of object properties to tag values
  • – Inclusion of hundreds of pre-made screens, pop-ups, and smart objects.

The PanelView 5500 Release 1 Limitations

TechED 2015 PV5500_4As with most initial revs, the first release of the PanelView 5500 will have some limitations.

These include being limited to connecting to a single v27 Logix controller, as well as only supporting 50 screens per project (not including built-in canned screens.)

Hopefully Rockwell will quickly expand on the above limitations as HMI users don't typically buy premium HMI's for single PLC systems.

I hope you've found the above information about the PanelView 5500 helpful.

If you would like to view the entire PanelView 5500 presentation from TechED 2015, you will find it embedded below under my signature.

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