PanelView 5500 documents now in Literature Library

PanelView 5500 Product ProfileWhile working on another story, I became aware that Rockwell Automation has published several PanelView 5500 documents in its Literature Library.

The interesting part is, to my knowledge Rockwell has yet to release an announcement about the product's release.

I also just checked, and as of noontime yesterday Rockwell still had not made the required software, Studio 5000 v27, available for download.

Edit: The day after this article was published we did confirm v27 and View Designer had been released, and the product page for the PV5500 was also live at

PanelView 5500 User ManualOne can only image that the official release of the product is very close, and would expect v27 to go live for downloads when the product is ready.

Below are all of the documents I could find for the PanelView 5500 in Rockwell's literature library (I haven't yet read them myself:)

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