Insights Inbox: RSLogix 5000 won't install, can't find MSXML

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In today's edition of “Insight's Inbox” we answer a reader's question on how to work around the RSLogix 5000 MSXML install issue.

Reader Question:

RSLogix-5000-MSXML-ErrorI’m trying to install RSLogix 5000 20.03 onto a Windows XP VMware image and the installation stops telling me it can install MSXML4? Is there anyway around this?

Insight's Answer:

In my own experience, some versions of RSLogix 5000 have issues installing some components from a network drive, specifically the ones used by VMware.

When I attempted to install RSLogix 5000 v20.03 onto a Windows 7 Pro 32bit VM I recently created, I received an error stating that it could not and to check the install log.

In the install log I found this error:

RSLogix 5000 Setup: Begin MSXML4 installation
RSLogix 5000 Setup: End MSXML4 installation 3: The system cannot find the path specified.
RSLogix 5000 Setup: End loading step: Checking MSXML version
RSLogix 5000 Setup: An error occurred during loading


Suspecting an issue with the remote path, I searched the install DVD and found “msxml.msi” in the “x:RSLogix5000System” directory.

I went ahead ran the file manually, and it installed without issue.

RSLogix 5000 MSXMLThen when I attempted to install RSLogix 5000 v20.03 again, it did indeed install without any more problems.

I then installed v20.01 and v20.04 in there own VM's and neither of them had this same issue, so it may be unique to version 20.03?

Side Note: Version 20.04  and Online Books

On a side note, while RSLogix 20.04 was installing it could not find the online books install file.

And no matter where I located that file, even locally in the VM, still could not find it.

So when the RSLogix 5000 install was finished, I just manually ran the “RSLogix%205000%20Online%20Books.msi” file and it seemed to install the online books without issue.

I hope you've found today's Insight's Inbox about working around the “msxml” install issue helpful.

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