Get RSLogix ready for Halloween!

In today's article I'll show you a little known trick to give RSLogix 5, 500 & Micro some Halloween spirit!

First, you know that online animation in RSLogix?

You know, the rotating “Ladder” animation near the top of the screen:


Well we're going to change that into something a little more in tune with October's best known holiday.

First thing you need to do (after opening RSLogix) is to hold down your control (CTRL) key.

Next, right click on the “Ladder” graphic to bring up the menu shown below:


From this menu choose Animations, and then choose Pumpkin:


And now your copy of RSLogix is ready for Halloween!

RSLogix-Pumpkin-4I hope this article about changing the online animation in RSLogix, while having no practical purpose, was a least entertaining!

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Shawn Tierney
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