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Today we’re covering news about Barcode Verification, Windows 10 IoT, Top Server, Commutation of DC Motors, IEC104, S7-1500, Codesys 3.5, Sharing Distributed I/O and more in our Automation This Morning blog for Friday, February 24, 2023.

First up in our new article section is an article from Cognex here about the difference between Barcode Verification and Barcode Quality.

Next we have a new article here from OnLogic discussing Windows 10 IoT and how it differs from Windows 10 Professional.

Over on the Software Toolbox website here we found a new article discussing Top Server’s client and server roles.

And on the Digi-Key website here is a new article about Commutation of Brushless DC Motors.

In our product spotlight today is our Logix Book Of Knowledge, which is an updated compilation of all of Shawn’s ControlLogix articles. To learn more, click here.

In our downloads section today is a new sample code file here which supports IEC104 communications and works with most CompactLogix and ControlLogix controllers.

And in our “pub crawl” today we came across two new publications. The first here is from Siemens and is an update to their popular manual collection for the S7-1500 and ET200 MP I/O.

The other here is from Emerson and is a new manual on their MR98 Series of Backpressure Regulators and Relief Valves.

Today we also have a “news tip” from Brandon T. He writes in to share news from WAGO about support added to their PFC200 series of PLCs for CodeSys 3.5. Brandon also sent in two links here and here where you’ll find more information (Thanks Brandon!)

In our audio video file of the day we’re spotlighting yesterday’s new Q & A video here where we discuss what may be causing a user’s CompactLogix to revert to an old IP Address each time power is cycled.

In “what’s coming up,” today at 3:30pm ET a new Automation Tech Tip releases here which covers how to Export, Edit, and Import HMI Tags with FactoryTalk View Studio.

As far as upcoming events, today we’re sharing news about an event here on Tuesday, February 28th at 2pm ET hosted by Horner Automation and will cover share I/O between multiple PLCs.

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