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Talking Legacy: ProSoft Communication Solutions

Deciding how to communicate across multiple systems and vendors can be a research project itself. The protocols on both sides of the equation must be evaluated and even the data structures and data types...

Connecting ControlLogix to Simatic S7-300 via Ethernet

In this article I'll walk you through how to setup a connection between an Allen Bradley CompactLogix 1769-L36ERM controller, and a Siemens Simatic S7-300 PLC CPU 315-2PN/DP via Ethernet using the Prosoft PLX31-EIP-SIE Gateway. There...
Prosoft Ethernet over Blue Hose Featured Image

Prosoft shows Ethernet over Blue Hose (9463) at Automation Fair 2013

At this year's Automation Fair, Prosoft showed a new product that allows Ethernet communications to be transmitted over "blue hose," or more specifically, "Belden 9463." The targeted market for this product is legacy migrations of PLC-5...