New for 2016 – PLC Basics, Second Edition!

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Expanded with new lessons on Ethernet drivers, BOOTP, OSRs, Photo Eyes, Floating Point, and much more!

PB2-Vimeo-1080x1600-2016-v2bI'm very happy to announce that after several long weeks in the studio, my updated PLC Basics course is now available!

In this new “Second Edition,” I have re-recorded nearly every single lesson, allowing me to expand many of the lessons, add additional hands-on lessons, and incorporate more real world scenarios from my twenty five years in the field.

The result is a deeper and more interesting course guaranteed to help electricians, technicians, and even hobbyist learn how to use and program Allen-Bradley PLCs.

A special offer for readers:

I know most of you reading this are already accomplished PLC programmers.

But you probably also know many people who want (or need?) to learn PLC fundamentals like how to go online, how ladder logic works, and troubleshooting basics.

So with that in mind, I want to extend the following special offers to you and your colleagues:

Digital Edition

PB2-3.20If only a single digital copy is needed, I've already setup the links at to take a full 10% off your price.

However, if multiple digital copies are needed, or if you prefer to use a PO or Company Check, contact me using this form and I'll work with you to process your order and add any additional quantity discounts.

NOTE: If you previously purchased the full digital edition, you get the upgrade to this new edition free of charge! And folks who purchased the “Core” edition can also get a huge discount to upgrade. To find out more about either, just contact me using this form

DVD Edition

PB2-6.40If the preference is for the DVD edition, I am currently taking pre-orders (PO's, Company Checks, and Credit Cards accepted) in order to place a bulk order. Because of this, I have the unique ability to offer discounts on the physical version as well.

So if you or someone you know only needs a single DVD, I'll be more than happy to provide the same 10% off discount on a single DVD pre-order.

And if more are needed, just contact me using this form and I'll work up a special discount based on the quantity you need.

NOTE: If you previously purchased the full two disc DVD edition, or the single disc “Core” DVD, I have a special low cost upgrade package that will provide you the new discs to put in your existing case. Or if you prefer, I can provide you with an upgrade to the new digital edition. For details, contact me using this form

Bonus Offer – For a limited time get a free one hour “WebEx” with an order of five or more!

For a limited time, if you order five or more copies of either version, I'll also throw in a one hour “WebEx” free of charge. It can be used for Q & A about the content in the course, or to cover another product like the ControlLogix or PanelView Plus.


PB2-3.10Another significant group of readers are integrators and technical salespeople, and for you I have two special offers:

If you pre-order ten or more DVDs, I'll not only customize the DVD jacket with your company name, logo and address, I'll also setup a special online order form that you can use to quickly re-order additional copies of your “branded” version.

And for any re-seller looking for large quantities and more branding, for an order of 100 DVD's or Digital Codes I'll re-record the intro video and conclusion video wearing your company branded polo, as well as include references and links to your website and other related products you may have (classroom courses you offer or sell, etc.)

Common Questions about PLC Basics, Second Edition:

Why did you choose the MicroLogix 1000 and 1100 for this course?

PB2-3.40Great question! They're the only two Rockwell PLCs that not only have free programming software (RSLogix Micro Starter Lite) but also have a free emulator!

This means students who learn on those two PLCs can take the entire course at home, doing all of the lessons on their own PC without having to buy any hardware at all!

The only other A-B PLCs with free software are the Micro800s, and while I'm planning on making a course for them, I also have to concede that learning on a Micro800 just simply does not prepare users to program the MicroLogix, SLC-500, PLC-5, and ControlLogix. It's just too different.

Why did you re-record nearly the entire course?

It's been nearly two years since my original Kickstarter and the first edition of the course, and in that time PB2-6.70I've learned a lot more about producing a video training course.

And with thousands of online and DVD students from over forty five different countries, I've also had the pleasure of talking to hundreds of students to learn what they liked and didn't like about the first edition.

That's not to say the first edition was not well received!

In fact, just prior to the release of the updated version last night, the first edition had accumulated dozens of great reviews, with an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Not bad for a first attempt!

Finally, I want to take a moment and all of you for all your support over the years.

Creating an entire video training course from scratch is a humbling experience, and your support along the way has been very much appreciated!


Shawn Tierney

The Automation School – PLC Basics – Article Banner

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