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Updated on March 30th, 2015

Today we’re featuring all the articles, podcasts, and videos we’ve posted on the topic of Rockwell’s Micro800s.

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Connected Components Workbench v8 Released

March 18, 2015

CCW-7-Install-FILast week while checking operating system compatibility of Connected Components Workbench (CCW) Version 7, I noticed Version 8 was also listed. Curios to know if this was an indicator of it’s release, I headed over to product downloads section of Rockwell’s website and found that CCW version 8 was indeed available to download. Choosing the free, standard …

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Podcast: Beginner’s PLC

August 7, 2014

Micro 810 and MicroLogix 1000In The Automation Podcast: Episode 26, we discuss two different options when choosing a Beginner’s PLC. Note – You’ll find more information about choosing a Beginner’s PLC in our companion article below: Blog: Beginner’s PLC NOTE – Below are the links to products mentioned in this podcast: Micro800, Free CCW software MicroLogix 1000, Free RSLogix software Micro …

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Connected Components Workbench v7 Released

October 6, 2014

Last week Rockwell’s Connected Components Workbench (aka CCW) Version 7 became available for download from Rockwell HERE. The standard package weighs in at a hefty 1.5gb, and also contains the latest RSLinx Classic installer package, version 3.70. Rockwell recommends running CCW on an Intel i5 with 8gb of RAM. These are pretty steep specs, …

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Small Allen-Bradley (A-B) Ethernet Programmable Controllers

May 19, 2014

Small Ethernet PLC's from A-BToday, Ethernet is the network of choice for automation systems. In years past, Ethernet was an expensive and costly add-on. However, more and more small programmable controllers are now coming with Ethernet as standard. Below we’ll cover what is available today for small Ethernet Programmable Controllers from Allen-Bradley. Micro820 and 850 If …

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An Ethernet PLC with a list price under $250?

March 21, 2014

Micro820 FIEars perk up when I mention Rockwell released an Ethernet PLC with a list price of $249. And surprisingly, many are interested as much for home projects as they are for automating small systems. There’s no doubt about it, this small “Micro820″ PLC is, well small. It has only 20 points of …

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Micro PLC support for HSC and PTO Functions

March 19, 2014

MicroLogix Family Featured ImageRecently, a client asked me which A-B Micro PLC’s supported HSC and PTO functions, as well as how fast each is. Below is the results of my research: Note: The below are best case based on choosing the DC I/O model of the Micro with the most high speed digital inputs …

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The Automation Blog’s “Best Of 2013″ Programmable Controller blogs

December 30, 2013

Best of 2013 PLC Blogs Featured ImageWelcome to the first article in our “Best of 2013″ series. Today we focus on our seven most popular Programmable Controller blogs. However, we should keep in mind that older blogs have a distinct advantage as they have been around much longer. And it wouldn’t surprise me to see a few …

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Rockwell’s Connected Components Accelerator Toolkit

December 18, 2013

Connected Components Accelerator Toolkit Application FILike the Connected Components Building Blocks (CCBB,) Rockwell’s Connected Components Accelerator Toolkit (CCAT for short) is designed around “component” level devices. However, this “Accelerator Toolkit” is designed for the Micro800 and Connected Components Workbench, where as the “Building Blocks” are designed around the MicroLogix and RSLogix. Initially, when you download CCAT you get the following building …

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Rockwell releases VFFS Machine video, sample code and white paper

December 13, 2013

Connected Components Accelerator Toolkit Application FIOn November 25th, Rockwell released a new YouTube video promoting it’s ”Micro800 Solution for Intermittent VFFS” (Vertical Form, Fill and Seal.) For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, I’ll include it below: While the video does a good job explaining the unique “touch probe” feature of the Micro850, it unfortunately …

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Podcast: Micro820

November 29, 2013

In The Automation Podcast, Episode 4, we discuss the Micro820 and CCW6 as shown at Automation Fair 2013…

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The Micro820 as seen at Automation Fair 2013

November 18, 2013

Micro820 Featured ImageThe soon to be released Micro820 on display at Automation Fair 2013: The Micro820 is the newest entry in Rockwell’s Micro800 family. The unit is outfitted with two communication ports. The first is Serial communications accessible via a terminal block connection. The second is a standard Ethernet port. Unlike the Micro830 and Micro850, this unit does …

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Beginner’s PLC

August 26, 2013

Micro 810 and MicroLogix 1000So you’re new to the world of PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers) and are looking to buy a beginner’s PLC to work with at home. I’m going to assume you’re on a budget, so getting the most “bang for your buck” will be important. You also may not own a 24vdc power supply, …

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Micro800 Family “How To” Videos from Rockwell Allen-Bradley (A-B) Part 3

August 16, 2013

Micro800 YouTube Advanced Featured ImageToday in part two of our three part series we’ll list the beginner Micro800 Family “How To” Videos Rockwell has posted to I have divided these videos into two sections below: Product Introduction and Programming Basics Using Advanced Instructions In Ladder Logic / Ladder Diagram Micro800 Programming – Use LOG Instruction in Ladder …

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Micro800 Family “How To” Videos from Rockwell Allen-Bradley (A-B) Part 2

August 15, 2013

Micro800 on Youtube - Micro850 animationToday in part two of our three part series we’ll list the beginner Micro800 Family “How To” Videos Rockwell has posted to I have divided these videos into two sections below: Product Introduction and Programming Basics Introductions to the Micro800 Family Allen-Bradley Micro810 Introductory Video by ROKAutomation Thomas Sugimoto, Global Marketing Manager of …

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Micro800 Family “How To” Videos from Rockwell Allen-Bradley (A-B) Part 1

August 14, 2013

Micro800 Video 3When Rockwell released it’s new Micro800 PLC and the Connected Component Workbench (CCW) programming software, it knew that new users were going to need some help getting to know how to program this new product. With that in mind Rockwell created dozens of “How To” videos for the Micro800, and …

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Free Allen-Bradley (A-B) and Rockwell Automation (RA) software (part 1)

July 22, 2013

Rockwell Automation and Allen-Bradley Free Software Downloads LinkRockwell Automation has a reputation of charging for their PLC programming software, and that’s true for most of the packages that program their Programmable Controllers. However, RA does make several software packages available free of charge, and I’ll detail those over the next two days. Click here for the second part of this article We’ll start at the Rockwell …

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