Hello and welcome to the TheAutomationGuy.com, a blog of somewhat random musings from the author of The Automation Blog, Podcast, Minute and School (that’s me.)

Let me start my first post by addressing the elephant in the room: Why did I give myself the title of “The Automation Guy?”

Well, aside form the fact that I’m the current owner of TheAutomationGuy.com.

Half a lifetime ago and only a year out of college I was very fortunate to find a job in the Automation Industry as an Rockwell Automation Distributor Automation Specialist.

That’s a fancy title for the employee who gets sent off to factory training a couple weeks a year so he’s able to answer customer product questions.

And I’m sure happens to most technical people supporting sales, I was often introduced as the “expert,” or “guru,” which I always felt implied that I had super-human levels of expertise and knowledge.

So to counter those lofty and misleading titles which my salepeople just seemed unable to stop using, I got in the habit of prempting them by introducing myself as a PLC, HMI, or SCADA “GUY” whenever I met with a new client

Fast forward a quarter century and I’m now self employed as an Automation Blogger, Trainer, and Consultant running multiple websites which start with “TheAutomation,” and it just sort of made sense to give myself the title of TheAutomationGuy.

That’s not to say I know everything about automation, or represent the world of automation  in any way shape or form.

It just simply reflects the fact that I’m the “automation guy” who writes PLC, HMI, and SCADA articles on TheAutomationBlog.com, publishes videos and podcast at TheAutomationMinute.com and TheAutomationPodcast.com, and teaches automation courses at TheAutomationSchool.com.

And of course, I’m also the current owner of TheAutomationGuy.com too 🙂

Well that’sit for today – hope you all have a great rest of your week!

Until next time, Peace ✌️ 

Shawn M Tierney
Technology Enthusiast & Content Creator

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Shawn Tierney



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