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This morning we’re covering New Products, Articles, Interviews, Podcasts, and upcoming Events in Automation This Morning for Thursday, January 19, 2023.

First up is news from Phoenix Contact that they have acquired IS5 Communications. Not having heard of them before, I checked them out and they appear to be a company focused on industrial networking products, as you can see here on their website.

Next is news from Opto22 that they will be featuring a demo of MQTT and their EPIC Groov PLC and IO at the upcoming Onshore Wellsite Automation event being held from January 31 to February 1 in Huston, Texas (as well as online.) To find out more, click here.

Kuka just announced a new heavy lift robot arm product, the KR FORTEC Ultra. This line include a lift capacity of up to 800kg, or 1764 pounds, and you find the details here.

Over on the Rockwell Automation forums we have a new post by Ron Bliss about all the recent developments with FactoryTalk Linx and RSLinx Classic. If you’re a Rockwell user, I recommend checking it out here.

Yesterday was “hump day,” and right on schedule the good folks over at GracePort released a new blog. This week the focus was on Material Handling and the latest challenges in this field, and they “gracefully” worked in their GraceSense product as you can see here.

Panduit also had a new article up, and this one dived into the different adhesives used on its line of Adhesive-backed Mounts (aka “sticky-backs”.) While it might sound a little pedestrian, I really enjoyed the article which you’ll here.

Over on the SME site there was a new interview with Microsoft’s Industry 4.0 expert, Jeff Winter (formerly of Grantek.) It’s an interesting discussion about how Jeff became an expert on Industry 4.0, which you can read here, and I’ll also include a link to his previous article demystifying the subject here.

On the video side, RedLion just teased a first look at their next generation of Industrial Switches, which you can see below as well as in their video here.

As far as podcasts go, the first one we’ll cover is the latest from ABB in which they talk about their new EV Chargers used specifically in Profession Electric Car Racing. While a little off the beaten path from mainstream automation, I think anyone interested in racing or ABB will enjoy this episode, which you can find here.

And for our last news item today, I wanted to share our just released podcast in which I sit down with Mark Berger from Siemens to learn all about their ET 200SP line of Motor Starters, which you can watch or listen to here:

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