About Insights In Automation

About “Insights In Automation”

At “Insights In Automation” we're passionate about technology.

We look forward to getting our hands on the latest hardware and software, but also get nostalgic when breaking out old serial cables and DOS software to work on legacy products.

As passionate as we are about technology, we're equally passionate about helping others learn how to use it.

And at it's core, that's what “Insights In Automation” is all about. It's not only our place to talk about automation, but also a place where we help others learn how to use it.

Currently, “Insights In Automation” is made up of the following websites:


IiA-Google+YouTube-Gear-2015-v2-1080x1080“Insights In Automation” is our main website.

We aggregate all the posts from our other sites here, as well as host our contact and support pages.

“Insights in Automation” also has it's very own Facebook page, www.Facebook.com/InsightsInAutomation, Twitter account, www.Twitter.com/InsightsInAutom, Google Plus Page, and YouTube channel at www.YouTube.com/InsightsInAutomation.


TAB-Gear-Black-1080x1080-2015v2Originally hosted at insightsinautomation.com, “The Automation Blog” (TAB for short) moved to its very own domain on October 13th, 2013. There you'll find helpful articles about using automation products.

“The Automation Blog” also has it's very own Facebook page HERE.


TAP-Gear-Black-800x800-2015v2fb“The Automation Podcast” (TAP for short) is similar to “The Automation Blog,” but in place of written articles you'll find audio podcasts of helpful information about automation products.

“The Automation Podcast” also has it's very own Facebook page here: www.Facebook.com/TheAutomationPodcast.

You can listen to the podcasts at www.theautomationblog.com, or at Apple's iTunes HERE, or on YouTube HERE.


TAM-Gear-Black-800x800-2015v2fb“The Automation Minute” (TAM for short) is a video website featuring short video tutorials about automation products.

“The Automation Minute” has it's own Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/TheAutomationMinute, as well as it's YouTube playlist HERE.

You can also purchase episodes of “The Automation Minute” for 99¢ at theautomationblog.com/Videos


TAS-Gear-Black-800x800-2015v1“The Automation School” is our training website where we host affordable automation training courses.

Our first course, PLC Basics can be found there as well as at PLC Basics Second Edition


AF-Gear-Black-800x800-2015v1AutomationFiles.com is a website were you can buy our sample programs for as little as 99¢ each.


AT-Gear-Black-800x800-2015v1AutomationTutorials.com is a website were you can buy copies of our most popular articles, ebooks, and presentations for as little as 99¢ each.


We hope the above article help you become familiar with Insights and Automation.

If you have any questions about our company or websites, please feel free to use the “Contact” form which you can find HERE.


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