The CompactLogix and ControlLogix PACs

Today most major automation vendors have a Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) line, and Rockwell Automation is no exception with its CompactLogix and ControlLogix products. In fact, Rockwell's “Logix” line of Programmable Automation Controllers are the most popular line of …

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Price Comparison: 1756-L8 vs 1756-L7

In today's article we review how Rockwell's new 1756-L8xE (5580) line of processors stack up price wise with the 1756-L7x (5570) series. Since Rockwell released its new 5580 processors (1756-L83E, 1756-L85E,) we've been receiving regular updates from our readers …

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1756-ENBT no longer silver? (EOL)

Back in April we reported that Rockwell had updated the “life cycle” listing of its 1756-ENBT module to “End Of Life.” At the time they even listed a discontinuation date of December 31st, 2016, as seen in the below screenshot and discussed …

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