ViewSE: What do you want to learn?

With the new year upon us, and my 2017 consulting engagements complete, I'm now embarking on the creation of my next training course, ViewSE Basics.

Update: ViewSE Basics is now available here.

With that in mind, I wanted to reach out to the readers of the blog to get your thoughts on what should be included in a FactoryTalk View Site Edition basics course.

I'm asking, because it's been one of the most highly requested courses, and I'm sure some of you have a few ideas on what should be included

In addition, some of my current students have already weighed-in on what they thought should be included.

Take C.B. for instance.

He recently wrote suggesting the course cover the creation of a complete project from scratch, which includes the creation and deployment of the project to another PC.

That idea makes a lot of sense to me, especially considering The Automation School allows students to take (or skip) lessons in any order.

While some folks may not need to know how to use all the basic features, building a project that includes them allows students to reference those lessons at a later time and as needed.

Another student, O.O. wrote that she would like the course to include when to use SE Local projects, versus Network Local projects, versus Distributed projects.

She also asked that lessons on HMI and Direct tags, User Security, and Data Logging and Trending also be included.

D.D. on the other hand, wrote-in asking that the course cover the general philosophy for the development of an application, as well as best practices for project configuration and screen layout.

While that's all great feedback, I'm wondering if you see something missing that also should be covered?

Do you think Global Objects, Datalogging to SQLServer, and VBA are topics that should be covered in a “basics” course?

Please let us know your thoughts by clicking on the “post a comment or question” link at the bottom of the page.


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