ViewSE Training Sale Ends August 31st!

As I near the completion of my new course, ViewSE Basics, I wanted to post this reminder that the early access sale will be coming to an end on August 31st.

Until then, you can purchase my ViewSE Basics Online Course on sale for just $99.99, which is 50% off the final price!

And as a special bonus, everyone who enrolls in ViewSE Basics this month will also receive a second copy of the course video lessons hosted on, which enables students to watch lesson videos offline using the free Vimeo mobile app!

Specifically what does your FactoryTalk View Site Edition online course cover?

The course currently consists of 45 video lessons spanning 9 hours and covers the following topics:

  • Overview of ViewSE, including hardware and software requirements
  • ViewSE in action: Reviewing sample applications
  • How to Restore Applications with two free bonus applications
  • Creating a Stand Alone Application from Scratch
  • Graphic Display and Object Basics
  • Testing your Application
  • Libraries Graphics and Symbol Factory Images
  • Tags, Objects, and Animations
  • Additional Objects, Display types, and Tags
  • Tag Substitution
  • Popups, Placeholders, and Parameters
  • Communications using RSLinx Classic to Free Emulator and PLC-5 (PLC code provided)
  • Communications using RSLinx Enterprise to SLC, MicroLogix, Compact and ControlLogix (PLC/PAC code provided)
  • Direct Referenced versus HMI Tags
  • Offline Browsing and Importing Tags
  • Creating a network of (free) emulated PLCs
  • Using Parameter Files with Tag Placeholders
  • Using the Command Line and Macros
  • More Graphic Display Objects and Animations
  • Creating your own buttons and switches
  • Using Global Objects
  • Creating Global Objects
  • Live Data Trends
  • File Set Datalogs, Historical Trends, and Trend Templates
  • ODBC Datalogs to MSSQL Server and Historical Trends
  • HMI Tag Alarms and Historical Logs
  • Alarm and Event Tag Alarms and Historical Logs
  • Alarm and Event Instruction Alarms
  • And more!

To see all the details, as well as enroll in my ViewSE basics online course, click HERE to go to the course's homepage.


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