The Seven Allen-Bradley and Rockwell websites I use the most

(Updated 11/06/2017)

In today’s pre-Thanksgiving Day article, I’m sharing the seven Allen-Bradley and Rockwell website links I use the most

#1: The Allen-Bradley Literature Library

It’s in there! The manual, that is. Most every product question can be quickly answered by cracking open the user’s manual. And since I’m a road warrior, all my manuals are in PDF format and recently downloaded from Allen-Bradley’s Literature Library.

Allen-Bradley Literature Library

#2: Rockwell’s Knowledgebase

Rockwell has thousands upon thousands of expertly written AID’s (aka Tech Notes.) This is my first stop whenever I hit a wall when troubleshooting a system.

Rockwell Knowledgebase

#3: Rockwell’s Tech Support Direct Dial

I really don’t like phone trees. Why does it always seem like the least used products are first in the list? “If you’re calling for information about a 30 year old PLC please press 1.” Ugh.

And could those automated attendants talk a little slower? I often find my thoughts wandering as I wait for my choice and the miss my selection… which means I have to hit the repeat button and listen to it all over again.

Well, I use to. That was before I found this link (and associated PDF) that allows you to bypass Rockwell’s Tech Support phone tree and get right to the group you’re looking for.

 Rockwell Support Direct Dial

#4: Rockwell’s Compatibility and Download Center

I’m using this site more and more to find which products are supported on what operating systems. It’s also a good starting point for downloading firmware and software updates.

 Rockwell Compatibility and Download Center

#5: Rockwell’s Silver Series website

With so many old products seeing their final days, this new and improved “Silver Series” website is a much needed tool to check the expected availability of legacy products.

 Rockwell Silver Series

#6: Rockwell’s Downloads page

An oldie but goodie, this link brings you to a page that then links to many other important download pages, including:

  • Software updates
  • Add-On-Profiles
  • Electronic Data Sheets
  • PC Cards Utilities and Downloads
  • Reset Codes for Activations
  • Safety Products Online Library
  • Sample Code Library
  • Free Downloads

Rockwell Downloads

#7: Integrated Architecture Tools

There are so many resources at this one stop I had to put it on my list.

From IAB, to the Ethernet Capacity Tool, to the System Ferret, to dozens of videos, if you haven’t checked this link out you don’t know what you’re missing!

Integrated Architecture Tools

I hope you find this article about my seven most used Rockwell websites helpful.

If you have a link you use often and it’s not listed above please let us know by using the “post a comment or question” link below.

Until next time, Peace ✌️ 

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