In this episode I walk you through how to replace your PanelView 550 backlight with a new, cooler running LED Lamp (Episode 22 of The Automation Minute Season 4:)

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Shawn Tierney
Automation Instructor and Blogger (post views: 13 views)

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Forum Comments:
  1. I'm seeing the communication port is RS-232 but it wants to connect as the DH-485 to my laptop. Is there an adapter or something available to bridge this distance?
    First, if you have a unit with a RS-232 / DH-485 port, the manual indicates that even if you have a printer port you can only download via RS-232 / DH-485.
    That said, assuming you have a newer PC & OS you'll need a USB to DH485 RS232 cable like the 1747-UIC or these on Amazon (you'll need one with DH485 RS232):
    Hope this helps,
    Shawn Tierney of The Automation School
    thanks Shawn. the problem that I see is that there is only the one RS-232 port on the PV550, the DF1 on the laptop refuses to recognize it, the screen on the PV550 states that its looking for a DH-485 connection? this is where I started scratching my head. the laptop I'm using is setup with the UIC configured but I don't seem to have a way to connect it to the RS-232 port on the PV550? what I thought was only going to take 5 minutes or so has developed into an issue that I am not sure of... goodgrief...
    ( I see where the info you directed me towards will be useful. again, thank you Shawn...)
    You're welcome Rich,
    I wish they didn't release the RS232 / DH485 model since it confuses everyone, and doesn't work with DF1 🙁
    Note that the A-B 1747-UIC has an RS232 port AND a RJ45, and using a standard 9-9 pin Serial cable should do the trick with your PV550.
    While some third party UICs also have both RS232 and RJ45s, if your doesn't it won't work unless you have a 232 to 485 converter available, like the 1761-NET-AIC.
    Best of luck! Let us know how you make out,

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