RSLogix Micro Starter Goes Download Only

RSLogix-MIcro-Starter-SplashI recently was informed that RSLogix Micro Starter is now available for purchase as an electronic download.

For those who don't know, RSLogix Micro Starter is a roughly $140 Rockwell Software package which programs all of Rockwell Automation's MicroLogix PLC's.

Note: The programming software for the MicroLogix 1000 and 1100 is available from Rockwell as a free download – more details in this article.

Prior to this change, as I documented in this article, when you ordered a copy of this software you would receive an email to download it as well as be shipped a physical copy.

Now though, if you order the software you will only received the email to download a copy.

From my own experience I can say that the download links you receive in the email include not only the most current version available when you purchased the software, but also include several prior versions as well.

And also from my own experience, the links in the email do not seem to expire over time (but I wouldn't count on that…)

So what do you think? Would you prefer a hard copy of the software or is download only fine? Please feel free to share your thoughts with us by filling in the “post a comment or question” link below.


Shawn Tierney
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2 Blog Comments

  1. Hi Shawn

    Thanks for the post
    i can;t find how to place order for a copy of rslogix 500 micro to programming a Micrologix 1500 PLC ?
    because I can;t find the online order link in Rockwell web site.
    hope if you can help me regarding this issue ?


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