RSLogix 5000 Previous Versions DVD Returns

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Studio 5000 Disc 2 Featured ImageIt's been a long several months. Ever since Rockwell decided to remove the “previous versions” DVD from new orders of RSLogix 5000, aka Studio 5000, confused and upset clients have been calling in.

Why this second DVD was removed from the software package in the first place is still a mystery to me (for details of what's in the box see this blog post.) Rockwell sells software which costs much less than RSLogix 5000, and in those packages you get up to four DVD's (see an example of this here.)

Studio 5000 Disc 1As one client put it, “I convinced my company to spend over $3000 and I can't even program my ControlLogix L61?” Even worse, customers wanting to buy the “right” version to program their existing controllers had no options. When Rockwell released version 21 and rebranded RSLogix 5000 as Studio 5000, all the software part numbers remained the same.

It just seems counter intuitive to even consider not shipping the “previous versions” DVD in the box with version 21. Only a tiny fraction of Rockwell's Logix customers actually have a  new 5570 or 5370 processor which is all v21 supports. And of those customers, only a small fraction has adopted v21 opting instead to stay with version 20 which supports a much wider range of controllers.

Studio 5000 Disc 2But this is all now “water under the bridge” as in the last couple of weeks new orders for RSLogix 5000, aka Studio 5000, have again started coming with a “previous versions” DVD.

Now if we could just get some sort of bright “read this first” flyer informing customers they only need to install the actual version that matches their controller, the confusion level for new customers could be greatly reduced.

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