RSLogix 5000 "How To" Start Page Videos from Rockwell Allen-Bradley (A-B)

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Rockwell's RSLogix 5000 includes over fifty “How To” getting started videos designed to aid new users, or to introduce new features to existing users.

These video “media files” which are found in the RSLogix 5000 “Start Page” often go unnoticed, as does the fact that Rockwell also makes these videos available free of charge on their  Allen-Bradley (A-B) website at

In today's article I'll list all fifty six of these videos, and provide a direct link to view each one:

RSLogix 5000 Start Page Videos Section 1 StartSection 1: Getting Started with RSLogix 5000

Video 1: Manage Windows

Video 2: Navigate with the Mouse & Keyboard

Video 3: Glossary of Terms

Section 2: Get Connected with RSLogix 5000

Video 4: Configure a Serial Driver

Video 5: Load Firmware in a New Controller

Video 6: Assign an IP Address to a Controller

Video 7: Configure an EtherNet/IP Driver

Section 3: My First Project with RSLogix 5000

RSLogix 5000 Start Page Videos Section 2 ConnectVideo 8: Create a New Project

Video 9:  Modify the Main Task

Video 10:  Modify the Main Program

Video 11: Modify the Main Routine

Video 12: Configure an Input Module

Video 13: Configure an Output Module

Video 14: Create a Tag

Video 15: Create a User-Defined Data Type

RSLogix 5000 Start Page Videos Section 3 First ProjectVideo 16: Enter Ladder Diagram Routine Logic

Video 17: Reference a Tag in a Routine

Video 18: Verify a Project

Video 19: Download a Project

Video 20: Go Online

Video 21: Change a Controller's Mode

Video 22: Monitor & Edit Data Online

Section 4: Learn more about RSLogix 5000

Video 23: Import Online — Programs, Routines and Instructions

RSLogix 5000 Start Page Videos Section 4 MoreVideo 24: Product Documentation Language Switching

Video 25: Create an Alias Tag

Video 26: Produce and Consume a Tag

Video 27: Find and Clear a Major or Minor Fault

Video 28: Toggle a Bit

Video 29: Clear I/O Communication Faults

Video 30: Force I/O

Video 31: Update a Module's Firmware

Video 32: Search by Cross Reference

Video 33: Search for Components

Video 34: Identify Tags for I/O Data

Video 35: Enter a Function Block Diagram

Video 36: Enter Structured Text

Video 37: Enter a Sequential Function Chart

RSLogix 5000 Start Page Videos Section 5 AdvancedVideo 38: Create a Program

Video 39: Create a Periodic Task

Video 40: Change the Program Schedule of a Task

Video 41: Change a Running Ladder Diagram Routine

Video 42: Change a Running Function Block, Sequential Function Chart, or Structured Text Routine

Video 43: Configure an Equipment Phase

Video 44: Configure a Pre-state Routine and Equipment Phase

Video 45: Change an Equipment Phase's State Manually

Section 5: RSLogix 5000 Advanced Topics

Video 46: Logix-based Alarms

Video 47: GuardLogix

Video 48: Kinematics

Video 49: PhaseManager

RSLogix 5000 Start Page Videos Section 6 Add OnsAdd-On Instructions

Video 50: Introduction to Add-On Instructions

Video 51: Creating Add-On Instructions

Video 52: Using Add-On Instructions in a Routine

Video 53: Monitoring Add-On Instruction Code

Video 54: Changing an Add-On Instruction

Video 55: Protecting an Add-On Instruction

Video 56: Using an Add-On Instruction in a New Project

I hope you've found this listing of Rockwell's RSLogix 5000 Quick Start videos helpful. If you have, or would like to offer your own opinion on the usefulness of these Rockwell videos please use the “Leave a reply” form below to comment on this article.


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