Rockwell's Integrated Architecture Builder (IAB) tutorial videos.

Update 02/20/20: Rockwell is no longer making the below videos available to view online, however the below links to download the videos still work.

Yesterday we showed you the simple steps to take in order to quickly create programmable controller bill of materials using Rockwell Automation's free Integrated Architecture Builder (IAB.)

In today's article we're highlighting a series of free Rockwell web videos which demonstrate the ins and outs of using IAB:

High level overview of IAB (~4 minutes)

(link to download the below video)

On Machine Cabling (~9 minutes)

(link to download the below video)

Created Reports and BOMs (~5 minutes)

(link to download the below video)

What's in an IAB system (~3 minutes)

(link to download the below video)

Detailed system configuration using IAB (35 minutes)

(link to download the below video)

Additional Rockwell videos can be found at the below website:

I hope you've found the above IAB videos helpful. If you have any comments of questions on the above videos, or on IAB, please feel free to share them with us by using the “post a comment or question” link below.


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