Rockwell launching new I/O line: 5069 Compact I/O platform

5069-Compact-IO-FiRecently one of our readers brought to our attention that Rockwell Automation was preparing to launch a new I/O platform (thanks Brian!)

Not having heard of it myself, I headed over to Rockwell’s Literature Library to see if they had yet to published any information about it.

What I found was a recently released brochure for what Rockwell Automation is calling their new 5069 Compact I/O Platform.


What we know so far:

According to Rockwell’s own documentation, the key benefits of this I/O platform include a new high speed backplane for faster I/O updates, as well as expanded support for up to 31 local I/O modules.
In addition to the above, it also appears Rockwell has taken a new twist on its Ethernet I/O adapter by combining it with an integral power supply.
Some of the unique features of the combination Ethernet Adapter / Power Supply include:

  • Diagnostic Display along with standard LED indicators
  • USB port for configuration
  • SD Card Slot
  • Front access Ethernet Address rotary switch’s
  • Terminals for field power

Also included in Rockwell’s documentation is the below list of 5069 Compact I/O modules:

  • 5069-AEN2TR EtherNet Adapter supports up to 31 local I/O modules
  • 5069-IB16 Digital input-24V DC, 16-point sinking digital input
  • 5069-IB16F Digital input-24V DC, 16-point sinking digital input, fast response
  • 5069-IB6F-3W Digital input-24V DC, 6-point sinking digital input, fast response, 3-wire
  • 5069-OB16 Digital output -24V DC, 16-point sourcing digital output
  • 5069-OB16F Digital output-24V DC, 16-point sourcing digital output, fast response
  • 5069-IF8 Analog input, 8-channel
  • 5069-IY4 Analog input, 4-channel, universal
  • 5069-OF4 Analog output, 4-channel
  • 5069-OF8 Analog output, 8-channel
  • 5069-OW4I Output-Relay Isolated, 4-channel, form AN.O.
  • 5069-OX4I Output-Relay Isolated, 4-channel, form C N.O./N.C.
  • 5069-HSC2xOB4 High Speed Counter, 2-axis, sourcing digital output, 4-channel
  • 5069-FPD Field Power Distribution
  • 5069-ARM Address Reserve Module

For more information, checkout the link below to Rockwell’s 5096 Compact I/O Platform brochure:

Detailed information should soon be available via the below link to Rockwell’s 5096 Compact I/O datasheet (not available at the time this article was published:)

I hope you found this article about Rockwell’s new I/O line helpful!

If you have news about other new products from Rockwell please let us know! Just reply to this article using the link below.

And if you’re from the Rockwell group responsible for the 5096 I/O, we’d love to get our hands on it and would really appreciate a sample!  Or even just a phone interview so we can pass on more details to our readers 😉

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