PVP Basics now on sale on DVD and Digital!

I'm happy to announce my PVP Basics course is now available in two versions, and on sale from $30 to $38.

Both editions contain over three and a half hours of PanelView Plus lessons, and can be purchased in either a three disc DVD set, or in a Digital edition.

PVP Basics SaleThe DVD Set was authored at the highest DVD resolution possible, and while it works well on old DVD players, it looks nearly HD on new DVD and Blu-ray players that support upscaling.

The “Digital Edition” on the other hand provides lifetime on-demand streaming access via Vimeo.com, and can be viewed on your PC, Tablet, or Smart Phone (as well as many other devices like consoles, streaming boxes, and smart TVs) anywhere you have an internet connection.

And for those with an Android or IOS mobile device, you can also watch the lessons offline using the free Vimeo app.

So if you or someone you know would like to learn how to use and program the PanelView Plus, there's now an affordable physical and digital version of PVP Basics available!

To find out more, check out the below video and for all the details visit me at www.HMI-BASICS.com:



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