Pledge Drive And Goal

Managing the advertising on a network websites is time consuming. And honestly, it's time taken away from what I enjoy doing most: Sharing how-to knowledge about using industrial automation products.

That said, there's no getting around the fact that hosting, maintaining, and updating the most popular independent automation blog on the internet has costs, and the most common model to cover those costs are with advertising revenue.

But what if there was another way?

What if our community of over 25,000 automation professionals came together to pledge $1 each and every month to support The Automation Blog, Podcast, Minute and Forums?

In fact, if just 16% of our regular visitors were willing to pledge $1 month to the site, we would not only be able to eliminate every single ad on all four sites, but also noticeably increase the number articles, videos, and “guest” content published each and every month.

The Automation Blog's 2017 Pledge Drive

With that in mind, I want to announce the relaunching my Patreon campaign with two simple goals and pledge levels.

First, let's talk about the initial two Pledge Goals:

The first goal is $1,500 in pledges per month.

That is the amount (after processing fees and taxes) needed to completely cover all the costs associated with hosting and maintaining the sites, as well as the time needed to create new articles and videos each month.

This goal can also be be reached if just 16.6% of our visitors pledge $1 per month, or just 5.5% of our readers pledge $3 per month.

The second goal is a stretch goal of $2,500 in pledges each month.

If we reach this level, everyone who pledges $1 or more will receive free access to download all of my Sample Code and How-To videos for FREE!

Pledge Options

As far as pledge level options, I've decided to keep it simple by creating just two levels:

The $1 pledge level is available for those who would like to donate a small monthly amount and still take advantage of all the benefits of each goal as it's reached.

The $3 “Premium” pledge level is available for those who not only want to support my work and goals, but who would also like to get $10 worth of my downloads each month starting right now.

Now even though I've only created the above two pledge levels, patrons still have the ability to pledge a custom amount. So if you would prefer to pledge $2, $4 or some other amount each month, the system will allow you to do so.

Asking for your pledge

If you think the articles and videos I publish every month are helpful, then I would ask you to take a moment now and make a monthly pledge of $1 or $3 to support my work.

This is roughly the equivalent donating of a cup of coffee each month

With your pledge, and that of a few percent of our over 25K monthly visitors, we'll not only be able to remove all the ads from these sites, but also be able to provide you with more helpful articles and videos each month.

To make a pledge, just visit my Patreon page at and select to join as a patron at $1, $3, or custom monthly pledge level.


Shawn Tierney
Automation Instructor and Blogger
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